The Kansas City Country Club is a traditional, private, family oriented Country Club dedicated to providing outstanding year-round dining, social and athletic activities to its members and their guests through superior services, staff and facilities.

A la Carte Servers

Rockstars Wanted as Servers


At The Kansas City Country Club, we ask our staff to be versatile.  We wear many hats in a given day and no two days are the same.
We are looking for individuals who want to be part of a dynamic team, dedicated to providing our membership with Rockstar level service day-in and day-out.  We want smiles, passion, and energy.

Quite simply, we love what we do.  We like to have fun.  We love taking care of people and making lasting memories for our membership. Poor attitudes and drama seekers need not apply!  If this sounds like you or you want to learn more, give us a call.  You could be working with us by next week!


Excellent verbal and communication skills
Ability to SMILE
Task Oriented
Well Organized
Positive, Can-do attitude


  • No Late Nights
  • Free Onsite Parking
  • Flexible Hours
  • Beautiful Facilities
  • Creative Opportunities
  • Fun Events
  • Complimentary Meal Plan
  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Competitive Wages

Assistant Maintenance Technician

Position Description

The Assistant Maintenance Technician is responsible for executing maintenance request by diagnosing problems and making repairs in order to maintain the physical condition of the property according to operating and safety standards and to ensure the service requests and repairs are made in a timely manner.

Essential Functions

• Diagnose and perform minor and routine maintenance/repairs on a daily basis
• Electrical and plumbing repair
• HVAC systems (proper certification may be required for some repairs)
• Appliances (when applicable)
• Title, Carpet, Wood flooring
• Interior/Exterior lights, ceiling fans
• Fireplaces
• Gas fixtures and appliances (when applicable)
• Doors, windows, shutters
• Fire protection equipment, emergency power systems
• Walls – drywall and plaster repair
• Finish carpentry, cabinetry repair, and hardware installation
• Complete assigned service requests and repairs consistent with company operating and equipment/supply standards and in a timely manner.
• Assist with organizing and prioritizing service requests and general maintenance tasks
• Maintain accurate records regarding service requests received and completed
• Constantly be aware of the condition of physical property throughout the facility and immediate report unsafe conditions (i.e. broken gates leading to pools, broken steps, open holes, broken/burned out exterior lights)
• Report all major repairs and requisitions to the Supervisor prior to any expenditure of funds. Maintain adequate inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials to handle most common repairs and situations.
• Promote safe work practices among on-site staff
• Respond timely to all On-Call emergency requests. Weekend and after hours overtime required.


• Must have valid driver’s license
• Must pass background check
• High school diploma or equivalent (GED) preferred
• At least 1 year of experience in property management maintenance performing the duties associated with Assistant Maintenance Technician.
• Swimming pool experience preferred
• Ability to read and write English as demonstrated by clear and concise written and verbal communications, the ability to read maintenance tickets and understand labels on containers of cleaning and chemical supplies
• Ability to perform basic arithmetic skills such as measurement, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in order to do basic calculations and analysis such as estimating, determining averages and percentages, and totals.
• Ability to frequently use general maintenance tools, supplies and equipment such as, but not limited to, hand tools, pressure washers, blowers, paint equipment, pool chemicals, snow and ice removal equipment, ladders, landscaping equipment, sandblasters, and safety equipment.
• Ability to frequently handle and use chemicals and general cleaning supplies
• Ability to frequently operate motorized vehicles such as, but not limited to, a car, truck, van or golf cart.
• Ability to frequently stand, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl, and climb (stairs, ladders, etc.)

Ability to use:
Skill Saw, Table Saw, Hand Saw, Electric Drill, Drill Press, Electric Planer, Electric Router, Multi-tester, Nail Gun, Power Washer, Chop Saw, Electric Drain Cleaner, Paint Sprayer, Shop Vacuum, Electric Lathe, Grease Gun, Caulking Gun, Screw Gun, Jig Saw, Electric Impact Wrench, Belt Sander, Pad Sander, Miter Saw, Sheet Metal Sheers (elec.), Band Saw (portable & stationary)

Must have Clean and Professional appearance at all times

Commensurate with experience


  • Turns on dish machine, wipes down and fills.
  • Wraps tray with foil for silver soak, fills tub with 1/3 soap, 2/3 warm water. Change as needed, can be used all day if not too busy.
  • Turns on glass washer, check spry jets for lemon seeds.
  • Keeps dish area clean and organized, along with trash room.
  • Keeps floors swept and clean.
  • Helps with food prep. Peels carrots, onions, etc…. check with cooks for other prep.
  • Empties trash cans after lunch service. 2:00.
  • Keeps employee bathroom clean and stocked.
  • Pulls mats from hot line and sweeps after lunch. 2:00.
  • Helps pot washer as needed.
  • Breaks down dish machine and wipe down for P.M.
  • Be aware when low on cleaning supplies and inform the chef or sous chef.
  • Silverware needs to be washed and racked for night crew.
  • Breaks down glass washer, checks jets for lemon seeds.
  • Maintains glass ware storage area (glasses can be kept downstairs if necessary). 
  • Maintains pot-washing and dish machine areas.
  • Assists banquet chef as needed with prep and plating banquets.
  • Cleans all work surfaces, floor space, and equipment.
  • Empties trash nightly.
  • Keeps walk-in coolers swept and clean.
  • Pulls mats, sweep and mop floor.
  • Keeps mop room clean and organized.
  • Double checks that all equipment is turned off.
  • Washes mops once a week.
  • Soaks stove parts once a week. 

Food Runner

Responsible for facilitating service in the dining rooms in accordance with the demands of the club in the manner most pleasing to the Members and their guests. Perform tasks with a high standard of appearance, hospitality, and service. Demonstrate respect for co-workers, management, and members.
Transports food orders from the Kitchen to the Dining Room, ensuring that each order is prepared exactly as specified and delivered carefully in a timely manner.
Cleans up bridge table from late afternoon’s business (Blue Room, Living Room, Card Alcove, Ladies Locker).
Checks all rooms for dirty trays from lunch.
Sets up the expo line for service including (but not limited to) stocking plates, to go containers, polishing and stocking silver, stocking plates on the line, setting up bread and bread baskets, filling sauces, putting out soups etc.
Prepares and stock specified sauces as directed by the Sous Chef(s).
Checks tickets as they are printed out at the expo line, contacting service staff with follow up questions as needed.
Checks each course as it comes off of the expo line, ensuring that food is prepared exactly as specified according to the server specifications.
Delivers each course to the Dining Room in a careful, efficient, and timely manner.
Adheres to the dress code and personal appearance guidelines for Club Service Staff.
Carries full trays of dirty dishes from the Dining Room back to the kitchen.
Breaks down each tray of dirty at the dish station putting each dish in the proper location on the dish station with no breakage.
Cleans trays and put them back in their specified location in the dining room.
Puts napkins and linens neatly back in their proper location (laundry or storage).
Completes all closing procedures for each evening including but not limited to cleaning the expo line, stocking plates, to go containers, polishing and stocking silverware, breaking down bread baskets, putting sauces and soups away, etc. 

Food runners must be efficient, detail-oriented, courteous, and have great attention to cleanliness. Also need to have a team player attitude. Food runners need to be quick and efficient in order to serve as many customers as possible. They also need to pay close attention to detail to ensure that the Chef did not miss any portion of the meal on the plate. 


We are always looking for great people. Feel free to fill out an application for any of our positions and we'll be in touch.


We ask all applicants to complete and application
Please read the job announcement provided and indicate which position you are applying for on your application.

Additional Details

All offers of employment are contigent upon successful completion of a background check.
The Kansas City Country Club is a drug-free workplace